About road freight transport

One of the most important benefits of the international and local transportation using road vehicles is the flexibility of a fleet. Freight delivery is possible everywhere and thanks to vast and well-developed road infrastructure, it is possible to access any location.

Road freight transport is perfectly suitable for performance of both international and local land freight transportation, and provision of cargo transit. Thanks to its specifics it is possible to react quickly to various sudden and unexpected changes in freight delivery route and time.

Using road freight transport it is very convenient to provide local and international cargo transportation solutions door-to-door delivery, thus avoiding unnecessary intermediary stags and saving time and costs.

Compared to sea or railroad freight transport, road vehicle driver is responsible for less amount of cargo and is thus more capable to follow the condition and security of the freight.

We have all the necessary licences and permissions to perform freight transportation using road transport:

  • Licence for commercial freight transport using tucks in the territory of Latvia
  • Licence for international freight transport using trucks
  • EMTK permit for international freight transport
  • Dangerous freight (ADR) transport permit
  • Oversized and heavy cargo licence
  • Permit for TIR procedure application
  • Licence kravas komercpārvadājumiem ar kravas automobiļiem Latvijas teritorijā
  • Licence starptautiskajiem kravas komercpārvadājumiem ar kravas automobiļiem
  • EMTK atļauja starptautiskiem kravu pārvadājumiem
  • Bīstamo kravu (ADR) pārvadāšanas atļauja
  • Lielgabarīta un smagsvara atļauja
  • Atļauja TIR procedūras piemērošanai